Stan's Place

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Sharon Bridges went missing for two days. Her brother contacted the police with little success. One day after her abduction she came back to Denver a different woman. She had no memory of her abductors or where she was taken. She remembered only that she was given an old faded van and somehow was able to point the vehicle back to her hometown and to her brother Nathan.

Filled with suspicion Nathan employs the help of a young professor with a side gig of paranormal investigation, Jericho Bach. Jericho discovers some very strange reasons for Sharon's disappearance, one might say "alien" reason.

Is Satan in the backyard of Reno, Nevada? I'm not sure but a cynical feline named Jersey has the answer.                


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The Whacker Chronicles


This is an experiment in adult fantasy which I began ten years ago. The story is about a bold and clever lineage of pigeons known as the Whackers. There are three separate chronicles in this book. The Whacker pigeons deal with the same issues found in the human culture, ie, prejudice, death, starvation, and more. I do hope the reader finds it as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Discover Morsel, Four, Wig, Escariot, and all the characters that fly through The Whacker Chronicles. You'll fall in love with a fantasy never before written.                

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Dante Dunham is a starving young writer barely making ends meet. His mother passed away long before he graduated from college and his father just happened to be the richest man in his hometown. Johnson Meredith did not take part in Dante’s upbringing and offered no assistance to the boy’s mother.

Dante is shocked, however, when he is told that he has inherited half of his estranged father’s estate. Upon learning of his future wealth Dante also learns that the other half of the estate was bequeathed to a sinister man, John Butcher.

Butcher is greedy and seeks to murder young Dante in order to grab the entire inheritance, and hires an assassin to take the young man out. “The Quarry" takes the reader on a long chase from Lincoln’s Port, Indiana to Key West, Florida. A showdown in Key West is inevitable with a surprising end…

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