Stan's Place

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Hi friends,

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  If you have, you represent one in twenty trillion people interested enough to do so. That's a joke son.

Anyway, my name is Stan.  I am a free thinker, lover of humankind, almost all music, and the art of avant garde (both in writing and almost all artistic endeavors)

My latest novel is "The Zamboni Itch."  If you read it (click on picture) you may discover a great deal about the author.  The Zamboni Itch is the first book in a series and is free.

Those of you who say "Stan's bookcovers suck" are absolutely correct.  However, I haven't the money to pay talented people to work their magic, sorry.  I guess the idea that you can't tell the contents of a book by looking at its cover" is truth when checking out my stuff.

I am a retired social worker and a good natured atheist.  I have no notion that humans are dispicable creatures.  I think we are all in the same boat, but our paddles are different sizes.

Have a great day,